We’ve finished a new site for SVO Calne

Find out how we made SVO’s site more accessible and easier for them to update.


We recently completed a total re-design of Specialised Vehicle Options’ website. 

SVO had a table-based site which wasn’t responsive and which was difficult to navigate, especially for visually impaired users or older people who may find using a computer difficult. SVO were also having to pay every time they wanted to update their site, which is something that we don’t believe in. 

We redesigned their site with large, clear typography and made use of white space to make navigating the site a breeze, and we also ensured that the site would make sense to screen-readers. SVO are now able to update their blog whenever they like without having to get in touch with us. 

We look forward to working with SVO again in the future. If you need to have your website redesigned, or if you need a completely new website, then feel free to get in touch on  07578110436. 


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