Perma Design’s web development round-up, #2

The second in our ongoing series of helpful/inspiring links for designers and web developers, as well as the music that’s been accompanying our working week.

This week, we’ve been intrigued by a new content management system called Abstracting content from presentation and letting content writers focus on content only seems like it’ll save work for designers and developers. Placing no constraints on technologies used in projects, this seems a very modern way to make a CMS.

Elma Studio

Elma Studio have celebrated their 5th Birthday, and have also released a great new magazine theme for WordPress, called Zuki. Their themes are cleanly coded and adaptable, and the design is minimal done right.

Grilli Type

Grilli Type have made a great typeface called GT Haptik, which you can try for free. You can see Haptik in use on Curator app’s beautiful site.

Design Sprint

Here’s Francis Cortez’s useful idea for a design sprint. It’s always helpful to be able to see how other designers work, and process is something we’re always refining.

Codrops Custom Select Elements

More from Codrops; this time it’s free custom select elements. It’s amazing that Codrops give away so many free building blocks for designing websites.

Beyond tellerand

Beyond Tellerand happened, and the videos are up for all to see. We enjoyed Chris Coyier’s talk on SVG and Johnathan Snook’s talk on naming conventions.

And on the stereo…

…is Substrata by Biosphere, anything by Haushka, and the Luxury Elite / Saint Pepsi split LP.


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