Perma Design’s web development round-up, #3

The third in our ongoing series of helpful/inspiring links for designers and web developers, as well as the music that’s been accompanying our working day.


Foundation’s New Grid

Foundation have released a teaser of their new grid system, as well as an invitation to the beta. We’re fans of their existing grid system, and having tried out every single system we’ve been able to find, we like how versatile Foundation’s is. The new grid looks like it’s leaving legacy browsers behind and diving into Flexbox, allowing a more app-like functionality. It’ll be interesting to see if the web picks up on this (and Node.js’ server-side versatility) to create a modernised experience of the frames that were popular on the web 10 years ago.

Jessica Hische’s Ultra Schedule

Jessica Hische wrote an excellent article this week, about juggling the demands of multiple clients and how difficult that can be when the schedules of friends and loved ones don’t allow a web designer to work evenings and weekends. We gave her method a try and it really helped us to focus on one thing at a time. Well worth a read.

July’s Best Typography Sites

This series of the web’s best typography is always an inspiration. We particularly like Readymag’s combination of Avenir and Nobel.

How to Customise the WP Admin

This is a handy guide to all the different ways to make the WordPress admin simpler and more client-friendly. There are links to handy admin themes as well. Simplifying the WordPress admin is often overlooked by web developers, even though it can be really important in encouraging clients to update their sites and improve their SEO.

Minimal Full-screen Form Interface

Codrops are at it again with a full-screen version of their single-line form. A great, free resource, this is sure to focus the user and make sure that their form-filling experience is as smooth as can be. Works great on mobile too.

And on the stereo…

…is Perfect Pussy‘s ‘Say Yes to Love’, Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin’s ‘Instrumental Tourist‘, and Le1f’s ‘Dark York‘.


Perma Design’s web development round-up, #2

We finished a website and photography for the Compasses Inn!