Perma Design’s web development round-up, #4

The fourth in our ongoing series of helpful/inspiring links for designers and web developers, as well as the music that’s been accompanying our working day.

Cheetyr Cheat-Sheets

We’ve been loving these handy cheat-sheets for Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, Git and Vim. It’s always worth learning keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow, and a strange pride comes with remembering an obscure one (ctrl+alt+shift+s on Photoshop is a personal favourite).


A great Github repository which removes unused CSS from your projects. Handy when using frameworks, though remember to keep a copy of the original CSS for future development.


Not a layout grid as the title suggests, but a free visual tool to establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. With an intuitive interface and an output of very usable code, this is one which went straight into our toolkit.

Paul Jarvis’ guide to ‘onboarding’ clients

Unfortunately this one only went out to receivers of Paul Jarvis’ newsletter, but it was full of helpful tips and we recommend signing up. Freelancers and small agencies/web-shops spend a huge amount of unbillable time speaking to clients each day, and Paul gives ideas for automating processes to make the developer’s life easier as well as providing a better experience for the client.


Whether you’re helping a client to find some beautiful images or simply creating dummy content for a client who doesn’t have any yet, you’ll find plenty of great, completely free images to use here. There are also lots of free travel photos here.

And on the stereo…

…is The Grateful Dead’s ‘Workingman’s Dead‘, Nas’s Nastradamus, and Hawkwind’s ‘Levitation‘ (courtesy of Steamy Press).

We’ve finished a website & photography for Bristol-based voice actor Andrew T. Collins!

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