Perma Design’s web development round-up, #6

The sixth in our ongoing series of helpful/inspiring links for designers and web developers, as well as the music that’s been accompanying our working day. have been bought by Squarespace, though their tools for static sites will still be available for the forseeable future. Brace Forms is a simple and elegant way to implement forms on a simple server, (GitHub Pages for example) and Brace Tags is a solid static site generator.

Static websites & Node.js

Speaking of static site generators, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming post about (mostly) node.js static site generators/simple web app frameworks. We’re also co-organisers of Bristol NodeSchool, so sign up on our Meetup group if you’d like to learn all about node.js and meet plenty of other Bristol-based web developers!

Project-management Webapps

We’ve been using Stack for project task lists, and have found it really helps us to keep track of project progress, and their support is great. Vivify Scrum is a good free alternative.


Web design agency Hanno have released their process to the public, which we’ve found interesting and helpful. Also helpful and conversation-provoking is Eric Kennedy’s two-part article, 7 rules for crating gorgeous UIs.

Free icons & a social tool

Twibble is a handy tool if you have clients who want to automatically tweet from their blog or their clients’ blogs. Iconmelon offer hundreds of free SVG icons, which are easier to implement than you might expect. Lastly, here’s a really nice set of free social icons, always handy.

Processing comes to JavaScript

P5.js is a port of Processing to JavaScript, which will be really interesting to watch. Processing is a development environment with an emphasis on visual arts. We first used it a decade ago, and have watched it grow into a thriving community of people building interesting and beautiful things, so it’s exciting to see it come to the web.

And on the stereo…

…is Mr. Mitch’s new album Parallel Memories, Alvvays’ eponymous debut album, and Bristol-based doom/sludge band Blackflower.


Perma Design’s web development round-up, #5

We’ve finished a site for music blog Just Tracks!