Perma Design’s web development round-up, #5

The fifth in our ongoing series of helpful/inspiring links for designers and web developers, as well as the music that’s been accompanying our working day.


Meyerweb Colour Blender

It’s a little thing, but we found this to be immensely useful on a recent website. Simply paste in two hex values to get a third value which is exactly in-between the two. Other great colour tools we use are Rainbow and uiGradients.


An incredible resource for web developers and designers. This is a curated set of lists of podcasts, tools, software, tutorials and much more. We’ve found some exciting new content management systems through Oozled, and plenty of articles to read later.

October CMS

Still in open beta, this is a really exciting new CMS. Using the Laravel framework and modern PHP best practices, October is modular, with functionality able to be easily added when needed. The admin is simple and beautiful, and it’s worth watching the ten-minute intro video to get an idea of what October can offer. October is open-source and free, as is Pagekit, which also looks promising.

E-mail Design Workflow

This is a priceless guide to a toolkit and workflow for building HTML e-mails. We’ve seen a lot of guides and tools for e-mails but nothing as streamlined as this.

Stop Endless Revisions

Creative Bloq’s guide to working with clients, to ensure that their project doesn’t get stuck in an endless loop of revision after revision. Taking the view that this cycle isn’t good for either designer or client, this is a practical guide to managing projects well.

And on the stereo…

…is Alan Watt’s Zen Bones & Tales, Xeno & Oaklander’s ‘Par Avion‘, and a blast from our past with Treble Charger’s self-titled debut album.


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