We’re building a site for a beautiful New Forest inn

We used CloudCannon to deploy a static ‘coming soon’ page for this beautiful pub and boutique hotel.

The Compasses Inn is a boutique hotel in the beautiful village of Damerham. Surrounded by stunning views, they’re situated in a great spot for hunting, trout fishing and New Forest walks. Their Michelin-trained chef serves great food, and they have local ales and a selection of whiskies. The decor is fantastic, the owners are lovely and we’re happy to be building a website for them!

We travelled down from Bristol a month ago to photograph the building and had a great time making waves on flooded roads on the way there. We’ve made this holding site for the pub, which we deployed in minutes with our favourite new CMS, CloudCannon. We’re working on the full site and it’ll be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Is your Monday too productive?

We finished a website for Bristol Chan Group!